Bobby Shmurda wants to record hit for strip clubs with Adele

Bobby Shmurda knows exactly what the world needs right now: a strip club anthem from him and Adele

Adele’s beautiful romantic and dramatic lyrics are probably the last thing you want to hear inside a strip club, but Bobby Shmurda wants to bring Adele into his world, proposing something people supposedly really want: a Bobby Shmurda vs. Adele collaboration .

Sure, we definitely hear some remixes of Adele’s classic sounds playing inside clubs occasionally, but her latest album about her husband’s divorce probably wouldn’t work in these adult entertainment venues. Bobby Shmurda wants to change that for her, whether she wants to or not.,

Entering no Twitter, Bobby excited his fans by telling everyone what kind of music we apparently need now, pitching an idea to Adele and saying, “You know what the world needs… #BobbyShmurda & #Adele making a strip club anthem.”

I don’t know what’s weirder — the fact that Bobby put a hashtag in his own name or his suggestion to make a strip club hit with one of the most celebrated voices of our generation. Do you think that could happen, and how do you think the song would sound? Maybe that’s what Bobby needs to get him back to the top of the charts?

The 27-year-old rapper has enjoyed his life since his release from prison earlier this year, and he’s just started focusing on music again, releasing his first singles in recent weeks.

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