‘Blue Monday’: what it is and how to survive the saddest Monday of the year

‘Blue Monday’: what it is and how to survive the saddest Monday of the year | Pexels Special

Sadness is one of the emotions that comes to us most often throughout our lives. Something really serious does not necessarily have to happen to us so that our hearts suddenly become a little small. For a memory, a foreign situation or because the day is very cloudy. But did you know that the next Monday, January 17 it will be the saddest day of this year?

This day or commemoration (to call it in some way) so peculiar, emerged in 2005 as part of an advertising campaign for the travel agency ‘Sky Travel’ and devised by the communications company ‘Porter Novelli’. Since then, every third Monday of January is known as ‘Blue Monday‘ or ‘Blue Monday’, because this color is related to sadness.

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In general, it is said that during the month of January, there are many people who feel a special sadness, especially on its third Monday. Although if we start to analyze the situation, this is not something so strange because it is during those first 31 days of the year, that we put an end to a time of melancholy, of parties and that is when we face some financial difficulties.

Although Blue Monday is merely an advertising creation, it is very true that many people around the world are facing complicated situations in personal, family, health and economic aspects, so it will be a sad day for them. Therefore, with the following tips, we will try to manage this negative emotion that comes to all of us at any time.

Fight the ‘Blue Monday’ blues

Stay in touch with your important people

Now more than ever we have learned the value of sharing with our loved ones and of having them still with us. Although we are still experiencing difficult times in terms of the health situation, we can stay in touch with those who love us and love us with the help of technology, especially in the sad daysThat will lift our spirits.

Think of something that motivates your mind

We should not focus on the sadness we feel but on what keeps us busy every day. From work, the meal of the day or the movie that we will see in the afternoon. That he próximo Blue Monday be a day like any other, with both everyday and special moments.

Use the power of sensations

If something you enjoy is lying in your bed after work, try to focus on those physical sensations that this moment gives you. How your blankets feel under your hands and on your head. The same when it comes to eating, feel the texture and flavors of your food. Pay attention to your sensations.

Monday January 17 is the saddest day of 2022.

Monday January 17 is the saddest day of 2022. / Pexels

dress in colors

It has happened to all of us that with a certain outfit or when we wear a new garment, we feel like the most powerful women. Well, that has to be applied next. Monday, January 17, 2022; Prepare your best look for this sad date, which preferably has bright and striking colors.

Don’t judge yourself for feeling bad

An essential step to get rid of the sadness, is recognize it as a common emotion and normal in all people. The moment we start criticizing ourselves for feeling it, we’re getting stuck in it. There is no constant or correct way in which we should feel, there is no need to feel guilty for not being quite right.

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Get in touch with nature

Even if we do not have a wooded or merely natural area close to home, we can look for a park or point where we can go out to get some air and admire the beauty of the trees and the natural landscape. walk and stroll, alone or accompanied, will always help us feel better. Don’t let the next blue Monday knock you down!

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