Blockades in Guatemala will continue on Thursday, October 14 by military veterans who demand the payment of Q120 thousand

The military veterans, who this Wednesday, October 13, blocked several main roads throughout the country, warned that they will continue in the coming days with stocks if your demands are not heard.

The protests of the retired military reached Congress, in the capital’s zone 1, where a team of them confirmed that they were received by the deputy Álvaro Arzú.

The veterans warned that they expect other deputies and other commissions to support, “because the situation is becoming difficult because every hour that passes our people are getting outraged ”, expressed the leader Mario López Espinoza to the News Network.

Said tomorrow they’ll head to the Ministry of Defense to hear them. “We do not move from here, we will be here and the others there in the province, on the street.”

He added that they have been entertaining their process by not giving the so-called “state of force (list of veterans who would receive the payment)”, and assured that the blockades will continue until they have a positive response to their demands to receive each one Q120 thousand for services rendered during the internal armed conflict.

At 7 a.m. this Wednesday, several roads were already blocked in at least 14 points by protesters, who announced three days of protests, which would last until the weekend, if bill 5664 was not approved in Congress, with which military veterans would receive payment for services rendered during the internal armed conflict.

The security forces were deployed at strategic points, such as the international airport, while other important sites, such as the entrance to Puerto Quetzal, they remained blocked.

“We are prepared, we are carrying bottles of gasoline and a wick. We want the law to pass us. Crafty deputies are going crazy but we are united in the 22 departments, we are men of guts, ”said one of the retired soldiers.

The Chambers of Industry, Agriculture, Construction, Cacif and other conglomerates rejected the blockades, since they threaten free movement in the country and “cause millions in losses, not only in the business sector but in the pocket of all Guatemalans ”.

A mother who claims to have left other children at home pleads with the ex-military to let her pass. (Free Press Photo: Juan Diego González)

In San Lucas Sacatepéquez, the atmosphere was tense between the protesters and drivers who wanted to go through the section, to the point that the Police and personnel of the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office they had to mediate.

In the afternoon, the Police reported that several roadblocks had been lifted; Nevertheless, the discontents promised to return tomorrow at 6 am.

“Today we are going to lift the blockades at 5:00 pm and then tomorrow at 0,600 hours we will be here again,” says one of the leaders to a police officer at one of the blockades. “We have orders from above and we cannot pick them up before 5 pm ”, he confirmed to the deputy commissioner.

The Ministry of Communications reported that this Wednesday, around 5:06 p.m., 11 points in the country were still blocked by military veterans and eight points had been released.

A group of ex-military in front of the Congress. (Free Press Photo: María Reneé Barrientos)

(Video: Juan Diego González)

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