BK’, Djonga and Froid release the video for “Schema de Pyramid”; watch now

Djonga, BK’ and Froid are throwing stone after stone.

Djonga, BK e Cold, three of the big names in the national rap scene, released, last Monday (11), another track from the new EP in partnership with Pineapple Storm. “Esquema de Pirâmide” also won a music video and is the third song released. The video was recorded at Luxor Market, a city in Egypt, where the entire project was recorded and names the EP.

In all, there will be five songs released by the label Pineapple Storm, featuring productions of JXNVS, Malak, Slim and of the own Cold, all with audiovisual recordings, during the month of October. Even before the tracks began to be released, three behind-the-scenes videos reached the public, showing the artists’ journey across the country to record their own music videos.

So far, if the 3 tracks are added together, there are 2.3 million views on Youtube in 6 days. The video for “Schema de Pyramid” is in third place in the high videos of the platform and the first two releases appear in the category of high songs.

Djonga, Cold e BK’ they are some of the great symbols of the new makeover that national rap has been gaining in recent years. Djonga has been gaining notoriety that has led to an international nomination. BK‘, now with my own label “Gigantes”, changed the scene in the wonderful city. Already Cold, who like the other two has also participated in Pineapple projects, is currently also the presenter of the podcast “Enxugando Gelo”.

Check out the clip below:

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