Birds seized from citizens in Cienfuegos released

Authorities of the province of Cienfuegos released in the local botanical garden a group of birds seized from citizens who are engaged in the trade.

The Office of Regulation and Environmental Security (ORSA), Rangers and Animal Health seized the birds from the so-called “bird-keepers” who are dedicated to displaying and marketing the specimens captured from the wildlifereported the local telecentre Perlavisión on Facebook.

The publication affirms that the operation was part of the actions to protect birds regulated in CITMA Resolution 160/11 and by the Animal Welfare Decree Law and confirmed that the occupied animals were released in the Botanical Garden.

On June 24, the Cuban regime reported that the species most affected by illicit trade are parrots, cateyes, negritos, bluebirds, mockingbirds, hawks and kestrels.

ORSA has reported an increase in illegal trade in wild birds, as well as other species, in recent years.

This organism affirms that this increase responds to the use of these species as pets, to the consumption of their meat, to the elaboration of handicrafts and also to certain religious practices.

Jorge Álvarez Álvarez, an ORSA executive, explained that as preventive measures against the illicit trade in birds, “sanctions and the amount of sanctions for these crimes have been increased, especially with the recent animal welfare legislation, which is also deals with species of special significance. “In April the Spanish Civil Guard intervened at Manises Airport, in Valencia, 161 wild birds traveling in a passenger’s luggage from Havana, which had made a stopover in Madrid.

But it is not the first time that live birds have been taken from Cuba for smuggling purposes. Two years before, in April 2019, the island’s customs authorities seized luggage at the “José Martí” airport in which an attempt was made to remove 277 live birds from the country.

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