Binge eating and overeating: how they affect health and what to do

Binge, food excesses, excesses, what better occasion than the recently concluded parties to overdo the food and portions. Often driving us is the desire to conviviality and the need to celebrate, to experiment new recipes and to spend moments of pure joy. Legitimate choices but not always friends of the line, so as to upset personal health and well-being. The excesses typical of the holidays can favor a series of impacting consequences, let’s find out together which ones and how to remedy them.

Overeating, that’s what they cause

Preparing delicious dishes and bringing tasty and caloric delicacies to the table is part of the typical ritual of the holidays. A set of culinary traditions and proposals that underline the desire to be together to celebrate, or even simply to close the frenzy outside the door.

Often, however, we end up showing too much indulgence towards portions and quantities, ending up incorporating an excessive number of calorie and food. An excess that turns into fat and fat that can accumulate in various parts of the body, from the face to the neck, through the back, hips, belly and legs. It is a condition that can worsen if you have a genetic predisposition or physical and hormonal problems. And, without proper control, you risk gaining up to seven kilograms in less than a month, with a caloric impact remarkable.

Binge eating, how it affects your health

At the end of the holiday, many complain of an accumulation of exaggerated fat which, if not disposed of in the right way, can turn into subcutaneous fat and fat reserves difficult to eliminate. Not only because, among the most recurrent physical problems, binges bring as a gift:

  • migraine and headache;
  • abdominal bloating, colitis and intestinal gas;
  • intestinal transit problems such as constipation or diarrhea;
  • increase in free radicals and cellular aging;
  • liver pain;
  • increase in blood sugar levels and cholesterol;
  • sense of fatigue physical and also respiratory;
  • loss of firmness;
  • digestive difficulties;
  • joint problems.

Eating excessively can impact on physical well-being, perhaps already undermined by the presence of previous pathologies such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney and hypertension problems, and much more. Thus aggravating an unstable and very fragile condition.

More effective solutions and remedies

Green light for celebrations and conviviality, but in the right way without giving in to binges and excesses that can ruin health. As already mentioned, eating and drinking excessively during the holidays can turn into an accumulation of fat that is difficult to dispose of, or exacerbate a clinical condition already delicate. This is why it is good to face the occasions of encounter with the right balance, without taking away from the taste and celebrations, but without harmful excesses. Here are some useful rules:

  • quantity: no to maxi portions and encores, better a small taste that allows you to taste everything without weighing down your digestion;
  • alcohol and desserts: a glass of wine is allowed, perfect for a toast but to be alternated with lots of water capable of hydrating and increasing the sense of satiety. Attention also to desserts, better to choose one, a small portion to be consumed immediately after the meal in order to facilitate rapid digestion;
  • snacks and chewing: it is better to alternate meals with healthy snacks such as fresh and dried fruit so as not to get too hungry. Facing them with the right calm, chewing carefully and for a long time to reduce the frenzy given by nervous hunger;
  • healthy food e light cooking: whether they are Christmas holidays, birthdays or other important occasions it is better to prefer the simpler and lighter dishes. Avoiding those too rich, caloric and with heavy seasonings, in favor of dishes cooked in a light way, for example steamed or grilled;
  • leftovers: stop what remains on the table but go ahead for fruit, vegetables and fish that are lighter, also avoiding breaking the wait by munching on delicacies between one meal and another;
  • movement: rock food festivities and celebrations with some healthy movement, some home fitness, and even long walks with your dog.

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