Biella: “80% of Salta are going to be infected and we could achieve herd immunity”

Amid the uncertainty created by the attack by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, Dr. Bernardo Biella spoke with Get informed. During the interview he commented: “It is so contagious that 80% of the population of Salta, Argentina and the world will contract of the virus is at some point ”.

It is very important, at this point, to be able to differentiate the coronavirus from other diseases that may be similar or share symptoms with the Omicron variant. For this reason, the specialist made a review of the most common diseases and their differences with COVID-19.

“The omicron coronavirus that is circulating produces symptoms very similar to those of the common cold. Unlike this, the coronavirus generates muscle pain, fatigue that does not mean the same as agitation, it generates a cough with a clamper “, he began by explaining and later adding:” The flu generates fever, muscle aches and prostration. “

Based on the symptoms described, Biella criticized some sanitary provisions: “Nowadays every time we enter a place they take our temperature and that doesn’t make any sense because this omicron virus wouldn’t be causing a fever. So we are not controlling it ”.

One of the phenomena observed during the last days of high temperatures is the confusion that generates a headache or throat, in principle associated with the air conditioning or the open window, and that ends up testing positive for coronavirus. Biella warned that: “80% of all those air conditioning are covid”.


“Thank God we don’t have dengue yet, last year around this time we had covid-dengue. Dengue, unlike omicron, generates high temperature, very important muscle pain and great prostration. The pictures of diarrhea, this omicron virus does not cause as much diarrhea. If I have diarrhea, it is probably not omicron ”, he continued with the differentiation of diseases or symptoms that could be confused with Coronavirus.

“On the other hand, there is no community circulation of influenza or flu. We have community circulation 60% Ómicron and 40% Delta“, He assured and anticipated that:” It has something positive, if I am infected with covid and I have the vaccines I can wait 3 months for the reinforcement. Those vaccinated can postpone the booster for three months. Those vaccinated get the common cold without any problem ”.

Something that has been talked about since the beginning of the pandemic, and that was losing force as the virus mutated and claimed more lives, is herd immunity. For Biella, if we think about herd immunity, it would not be negative if contagions increase since “if 80% of Salta are going to get the virus, we are going to generate herd immunity.”

Something that is clear is that the coronavirus cases reported in each daily report show a large number of cases. “I calculate that we have several more days of important peaks and suddenly we are going to go down, as it appeared. That will indicate to us that the majority of the population has been infected and we would be entering into herd immunity ”.

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