Bielefeld: De Medina doesn’t want to run away

His versatility is also his problem with Arminia: Can be used anywhere, but Nathan de Medina is not clearly ahead in any position. But the Belgian takes it sporty and shows professionalism.

Waiting for his chance at Arminia: Nathan de Medina is currently only a backup solution.

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He’s actually doing really well in the Teutoburg Forest. “When I moved abroad for the first time, I didn’t expect everything to be as perfectly organized as it is here,” enthuses Nathan de Medina, who moved to Arminia from the current Belgian second division club Royal Excel Mouscron last season. “You can feel very comfortable in Bielefeld with my girlfriend and my dog.” What applies privately also applies to sporting activities. “I have nice colleagues around me here. But of course it all depends on whether I play or not.”

In these days when other foreigners in the Bundesliga are playing international matches with their home teams, it is a little more difficult for the 24-year-old to stay in East Westphalia. So far, it has rarely been one of the first choices there. There are now 21 games in total in the upper house, but this season only one from the start – at Bielefeld 1: 3 in Mönchengladbach on matchday 4.

“I did a good job with my assignment,” claims de Medina and the kicker rating of 3.0 confirms him. “I was happy that the coach could see that. I waited a long time for my chance.”

Versatile – but not set in any position

It came because Amos Pieper, an important player who is otherwise labeled “set” in Bielefeld, had to pass. When the central defender returned fit after his ankle injury, de Medina had to give way again. Of course he was a little disappointed. However: “There are players that the coach particularly counts on and with whom the club knows how important they are,” he says, adding about himself: “There are always good games, but my aim is to To give everything over a whole season and to play well. To play a good season – I have the goal, but now I’m back outside. ”

The Belgian, who also has the nationality of the African island state Cape Verde, is considered the ideal back-up on the defensive in Bielefeld, because he can in principle play all positions there, and acts strong and robust in duels. But as is so often the case, this versatility is also a disadvantage, because de Medina is currently nowhere the absolute number one in a position.

“I can help the team, also on the left or elsewhere. I am very versatile, but I also know myself what my best position is,” says the Brussels boy, who was born in the Etterbeek district of the Belgian metropolis and practically next door at the RSC Anderlecht was trained. “My best position is on the right in central defense, because I feel like I can do my best.”

“My time will come”

De Medina naturally does not like Arminia’s current position in the table either. “We have a good team. But when you see our situation, everyone knows that it is time to change some things. We have to keep our confidence.” Change things – that’s what he wants to help with. “When things don’t go so well, as a reserve player you always have the hope of being able to show that you can do better.”

The contract in Bielefeld runs until 2023. He doesn’t want to run away from there. “I am not thinking about a premature change at all. It is not the time to want to leave. It is better to be as patient as I have always been,” he says, demonstrating his professionalism. “Moving to a lower or weaker league would make no sense at all. Of course they know me at the Belgian association, but for the selection I have to play in a top league like the Bundesliga. The problem is: Since I was in Germany I don’t play that often anymore … ”

And yet, Nathan de Medina also exemplifies this confidence personally when he says about his prospects at Arminia: “So far I’ve always done what I could do. My time will come, I believe in it.”

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