Bia Haddad Maia wins the doubles bracket at the WTA 500 in Sydney

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It’s champion! In the decision of the women’s doubles bracket of the WTA 500 in Sydney, Bia Haddad Maia and the Kazakh Anna Danilina won the pair formed by the Hungarian Panna Udvardy and the German Vivian Heisen by 2 sets to 1, with partials of 4/6, 7/5 and 10/8, at the end of the night of this Friday (14). The title is the first doubles title for the Brazilian tennis player since 2017.

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The game

The final was what was expected of her in the first half. Bia Haddad Maia and Anna Danilina, from Kazakhstan, made a well balanced start to the decision of the WTA 500 in Sydney against the Hungarian Panna Udvardy and Vivian Heisen, from Germany. In the final part of the set, the European duo got a break and made the necessary advantage to close at 6/4 and open 1 to 0 in the duel.

In the second half, Bia and Anna improved and managed to make it 2-0 in the first few games. Following the duel, each pair continued to maintain their service and the difference remained until the eighth game. In it, Panna and Vivian returned the break and equalized the score at 4 to 4. In the final stretch, each of the pairs returned to maintain the serve and the set reached 5 to 5.

At the time of defining the set, Bia Haddad Maia and Anna Danilina again broke the opponents’ service, made it 6 to 5 and served to tie the duel. In the decisive game, the pair of the Brazilian tennis player opened 40/0 and confirmed, closing at 7/5 and forced the third partial.


In the super tie break, Bia Haddad Maia and Anna Danilina dominated at the beginning and opened 4 to 0. Afterwards, the duo started exchanging points with Panna Udvardy and Vivian Heisen, keeping the difference in four points for the final part. At this point, the European duo grew and saved six match points, leaving the score at 9-8. In the last point of the game, Bia and Anna closed at 10-8 and won the WTA 500 title in Sydney.

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