Best adware cleaner free for Windows 11

If you are on the Internet a lot, and who is not today, then you will be confronted with dangers very quickly. It doesn’t always have to be a disaster like a ransom trojan, annoying adware can also spoil online enjoyment quite a bit.

But unfortunately it goes faster than you think. Suddenly you have unintentionally installed toolbars or noticed changes to the browser settings. Undoing this is time consuming and exhausting thanks to perfidious tricks. If you do not want to have any problems with removal even in stubborn cases, then AdwCleaner is the right choice.

In the current Version 8.3.1 the makers donate support for Windows 11. Even the latest Windows is not immune to unwanted adware. You don’t have to install the software, it’s a portable tool that just needs to be started. Also new: The basic repairs have been enhanced with the “Reset Windows Installer” function.

AdwCleaner 8: These are the new features

AdwCleaner: Freeware removes unwanted software.

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After a major overhaul, the program has offered a number of new features since version 8. The old systems Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. The procedure for browsers is once again the same: After the latest version was only supported in Chrome for a while, Firefox support is now back on board.

It is not necessary to change the language during installation, AdwCleaner recognizes a German system and sets the language accordingly. If this is not the case for you, click on “Settings” and change the language. You start a detection run by clicking on “Scan now”.

At the end of this you can see how dirty your computer is. If the analysis of your system shows something, move the annoying software to quarantine with a click of the mouse. After a restart, your computer will be freed of these legacies.

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