Berni and a final instance: follow, resign or be renounced

The Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, could resign or be forced to do so before the weekend as one more fact to show that “the government is listening and taking note of everything that is happening”, despite the fact that this afternoon, in Olavarría, it was shown in a delivery of patrol cars together with the governor Axel Kicillof.

Today in the morning, one of the few who follow the numbers daily in the Province, He exposed the dilemma in which the ruling party finds itself because “he is the official with the best image” even though “his performance is bad.”

Although the only person who will authorize or not his release is the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the extremely painful events of insecurity that occurred today in various parts of the Buenos Aires suburbs put him in the crosshairs again. “Clearly, he is an official who does not work. We value his enthusiasm and predisposition, but he always overdraws himself unnecessarily,” he told MDZ a mayor who has many complaints and, as you can see, some positive assessment.

Since yesterday the situation related to insecurity has been overwhelmed. Neither of the two ministers, the provincial, Berni, and the national, Aníbal Fernández, They seem to have found more support than the government’s own fragility, incapable of requesting resignations for fear of over-acting or dialectical fires.

“We are not going to talk. Surely there will be news soon” said one of the most important sources of the Frente de Todos, who was also one of those who demanded, in a timely manner, the pass to the side of Berni.

Buenos Aires Security Minister Sergio Berni could resign or be forced to do so

“When we are in the campaign, people do not seem to care what we say to them. Some get angry because they are wrong, they insult us because ‘he is going to come back. Macri ‘ but we do not talk about the issues that affect them. We realize it, but we can’t do much about it, “acknowledges a Buenos Aires leader located at the opposite end of the official campaign but who participates in the daily scaffolding of official activities.

“All we have to do is at a safe distance, avoiding direct contact and only with speeches. If not, things like the ones he suffered begin to happen. Axel, the president or some mayors, “the same source confided to MDZ. Gutiérrez Rubí, the man of the IS, works piecemeal so that everyone attends to the new meaning of the official message.

Facing the general elections, with numbers that today do not offer any certainty even of an approximation to the percentages obtained in the past Kirchnerism just on his own, which were around 35% and 38% respectively, “I think the time has come to throw the ballast and show that we want to do what people want.”

Throughout the day, the social networks of the security forces encouraged the police claim that would be made public next Friday with works to regulation and applause at the doors of the police stations. The sum of all the fears would make the governor, again, be forced to make a decision that he does not want.

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