Bernard Tomic: A tennis player’s strange corona bet

SBernard Tomic had already caused a commotion on the court on Tuesday with a bad premonition, two days later the Australian tennis professional actually tested positive for the corona virus. “I feel pretty sick,” said the 29-year-old on Thursday the Australian newspapers “The Age” and “The Sydney Morning Herald” – and confirmed the occurrence of his self-diagnosis, despite which he still went to the square on Tuesday.

Already during the 1: 6, 4: 6 defeat against the Russian Roman Safiullin in the first qualifying round for the Australian Open, Tomic caused a stir with strange corona hints. “I’m sure I’ll test positive in the next two days,” he said to the chair referee during the match – and even suggested a strange bet.

“I’ll take you out to dinner if I don’t test positive in three days. Otherwise, invite me to dinner, ”said Tomic, who, however, also criticized what he believed to be inadequate test regulations in the run-up to the Australian Open (from January 17th).

“I can’t believe no one is being tested. They allow players to get out of their room and onto the court with quick tests. I ask you, “Tomic scolded:” There are no official PCR tests. “The Australian was once considered a great talent on the ATP tour, but in recent years he has mostly only made headlines off the court. In the world rankings, Tomic is only 257th.

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