Bella Vista players said they were sorry and asked for another chance

Iván Radicci and Pablo Ferrero They returned this Friday to the field of Bella Vista club after being imprisoned for about 20 days for the video where they are seen with their faces covered and brandishing a gun and bullets.

Both young men expressed their repentance before the camera of Canal 10 and they assured that it was an “inside joke” with a player from another club.

“It was a joke that was directed at our friend ‘Potro’ who plays in The Andes. At no time did we threaten any club, “Ferrero said. However, he admitted:” We are aware that we made a video without thinking about it, without realizing the dimension it has taken.

“We deserve another opportunity because we are here showing our faces,” added Radicci to ask the Cordovan League to let them be part of the squad again.

The prosecutor Jose Mana charged the two Bella Vista players with coercion and possession of a firearm.

Bella Vista players were released

Some of the unknowns that remain around the investigation are the weapon shown in the filming, which has not yet been found, and the possible identification of the person who filmed the video.

“In principle there is no weapon, there is no third party and we do not know who made the video,” said one of the defense attorneys.

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