Belinda hugs her future husband in the middle of a concert in Las Vegas and is charming

The singer famous Belinda reappears again after days of absence in social networks, they are the most faithful followers of her love with Christian Nodal who evidenced and were even part of the beautiful moment of the reunion of the couple.

It was during the concert in Las Vegas, Nevada of the Mexican regional music singer that Belinda Peregrín Schüll approaches Christian Nodal to give him a strong and long hug that is undoubtedly one of the many details that confirm that his commitment still stands.

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The images quickly became popular in the internet and his fans felt nothing but relief, seeing that the Nodeli they are more together than ever, and cute kiss seals the appearance of Belinda, who a few months ago “made Christian Nodal the happiest man in the world”, as the native of Sonora shared it on Instagram.

After weeks full of rumors about the wedding by the civilian at the end of August in Spain or the musical collaboration that Belinda promised and so far nothing has been known, or the supposed pregnancy of the actress from 32 years old, all truth came to light in just one night.

At the concert with artists from Mexico which was held in Las Vegas, Christian Nodal from 22 years old, and between one song and another, Belinda took the stage, 32 years old, with black pants and a gold top uncovered at the back, revealing her flat abdomen.

With such an affirmation, all the suspicions of Belinda’s pregnancy are undoubtedly ruled out, charming takes the microphone to address the public, however he was off, therefore, his boyfriend Christian Nodal, hands him one so he could talk.

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“I love you, what an incredible concert, congratulations my love, incredible, Long live Mexico!“Belinda said that she even emitted the famous popular cry in the middle of her concert. future husband, while Christian Nodal looks at her extremely in love and hugs her again to say goodbye with a kiss, now on the cheek.

Belinda leaves the stage and the shouts of the audience are heard, shocked by the appearance of the interpreter of Love at first sight. In one of the photos that already circulate on social networks, a selfie of Buy where the protagonist is the millionaire engagement ring.

Belinda hugs her future husband in the middle of a concert in Las Vegas and she is charming. Photo: Screenshot

The famous ring that Christian Nodal gave him a few months ago in Barcelona, Spain when he asked her to be his wife and how much he was searched for in his recent photos that he shared in Instagram, but that was conspicuous by its absence, which raised the alarms of a possible separation between Belinda y Christian Nodal, now everything is clarified by themselves.

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