Belinda demonstrates how to wear a minishort this season

Outside of the famous stylistic current that is going strong today. This is how it is presented Belinda with a mini short and a matching jacket. The “Aesthetic” is the style that celebrities and teenagers have put to the top. All oversize -too big-, checkered shirts and wide pants. There are many variables, but it is certainly not what Belinda is trying to impose.

It is that the goddess of pop belongs to another generation and her way of dressing is of a more refined style, but always modern. Her almost 15 million followers approve of her looks, imitate them and, in fact, highly prestigious international brands hire her for their advertisements. Because Belinda, you have nothing to worry about.

The fiancee of Christian Nodal You already learned something: ink is addicting. Numerous artists around the world have proven it. The first tattoo is followed by numerous interventions on their bodies. The native of Caborca ​​has now added a new ornament to the top of his face. He chose the word UTOPIA. This is an album that Belinda released in 2006 and is in fact one of her most famous songs. In front of his ear he also tattooed “BELI” in honor of his girlfriend, the list goes on.

Source: Instagram Belinda

Meanwhile, the Mexican not only delights us with her music, but in her beautiful body she is able to wear the clothes that we all want. In pastel tones, mainly pink, green and light blue, she wore a mini short with a loose jacket that reveals her very narrow waist.

Source: Instagram Belinda

Her hair down and her face made up to perfection. Few tattoos in sight, and a lot of style. That’s how it is Belinda, which leans towards the classic but modern. The truth is that trends tend to be less uniform and allow us to choose which product is more in line with our body, our ideas and our personality. In this case, the former “accomplices to the rescue” … gets a 10!


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