Belinda as Livia Brito, boasts a photo in the gym with a lycra outfit

The singer Famous Belinda poses as Livia Brito and boasts a photo in the gym with a lycra outfit, it is a beautiful set that reveals once again that there is no pregnancy and that in recent months the rumors have increased.

As much as if there was already a wedding or not, a pregnancy in progress is another of the statements that can be seen on social networks until Mhoni Seer has declared that the actress Spanish is expecting a baby from Christian Nodal, however her latest publication by Belinda rules out any saying.

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It is common for celebrities to share their exercise routine and more with their loyal followers in the morning. lindos outfits, on this occasion Belinda did everything the other way around, as she first unveiled an elegant outfit with a very youthful hairstyle and then her photo in the gym.

To start the day the naturalized mexican He announced that he was refining the details of his elegant black wardrobe, a minitop and a jacket of the same color is what can be seen, in addition to a low bun and as bangs two thin braids in the pure style of Ester Exposito.

After two videos on her Instagram stories, Ignacio Peregrin Schüll’s sister posed on a green ball with a two-piece set in navy blue in lycra fabric, a top and leggings with see-throughs can be seen at Belinda.

Belinda’s lycra outfit is reminiscent of the outfits of the Cuban actress she boasts every day on social networks, in addition to her girdles body shapers that have undoubtedly become very popular.

Unlike the protagonist of the telenovela The pilot, Belinda promotes her vegetable protein, which she uses after to train, a large boat can be seen on her legs as she poses for the Photography.

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A low ponytail She is the one that styles the hair of the former coach of La Voz México, white tennis shoes and her majestic engagement ring that Christian Nodal gave her in Barcelona complete Belinda’s outfit.

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the same hairstyle Livia Brito boasts in her official Instagram account, in a black and white photograph the two look very similar, and in recent publications the protagonist of La desalmada has posed with the brand Hello yoga, which is the favorite of celebrities like Michelle Salas and even the Kardashian model, Kendall Jenner.

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