Belinda and Christian Nodal are seen together again

After all the controversy that broke out after the Mexican regional singer, Christian Nodal, delete all your photos and stop following on Instagram to his fiancee Belinda, have been seen together again.

In an interview for the program “Ventaneando”, Belinda herself declared that the launch of a song that would be interpreted by both of them was on the horizon, but the doubt remained among the public since the couple had not shared any indication that they were together.

The chamonix 3 Instagram account recently shared an image of the couple in a Texas restaurant.

“At the airport where they will take their flight to Las Vegas, Nevada and which will be presented on September 14 there,” explained the account.

At this time the regional singer is on tour and apparently his fiancée has started the trip with him.

In addition to this sighting, Nodal once again placed a photo of his fiancee on Instagram and it is none other than capturing her on the day of their engagement on May 25.

So far neither of them has shared anything on their social networks.


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