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Belén Estévez and Adolfo Aguilar, who are members of the jury of The Artist of the Year, starred in a hilarious scene when the dancer played a practical joke on the former host of Yo soy, during his stay on the set of America today, to discuss the details from the last gala of the stellar reality show hosted by Gisela Valcárcel.

As it is remembered, during the second program of América TV, the cumbiambero Christian Dominguez was eliminated, who lost against the “warrior” Elías Montalvo. However, the influencer is in judgment once again. On this occasion, with the singer Ruby Palomino.

During the morning program, Edson Dávila made a joke to Adolfo by recommending that they do not ask him any questions since “he just woke up and at this time he does not think much because he has not had breakfast,” commented the popular ‘Giselo’.


“I always have coffee for breakfast”Aguilar replied. Right away, Belén Estévez could not bear to respond with a hint about the rumors that link the driver with the former participant of This is war, Alejandro ‘Chocolatito’ Pino.

“Oh, I thought it was chocolate”he said while referring to the Venezuelan tiktoker. Faced with this, Adolfo got nervous and only managed to laugh.

The video that started the rumors of a link between Adolfo Aguilar and ‘Chocolatito’

Rodrigo González showed two videos during his program Amor y fuego where Adolfo Aguilar is seen posing next to a puppy, while in another clip the former participant of This is War, Alejandro Pino, better known as ‘Chocolatito’, is seen posing with the same pet for a story on your social networks.

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“What does the ‘Chocolatito’ do with those little dogs? How cute, they will be your pets. What tenderness, what closeness “, commented ‘Peluchín’. Meanwhile, Gigi Miter preferred to leave open the possibility that perhaps both could be roommates (roommates), and that there would not necessarily be a link beyond a friendship between public figures.

Claudia Serpa obtained the highest score in The Artist of the Year

During the second gala of the Saturday program on América TV, the singer and comic actress Claudia Serpa was moved when she found out that she received the highest score of the night.

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“At night, the best, I loved your performance, I loved your song, I loved your dance, I loved your look, I loved everything. You have been extraordinary. Congratulations”, Commented Adolfo Aguilar.

Ruby Palomino after being sentenced in The Artist of the Year: “I feel outraged and disappointed”

In the last gala of the singing reality, the artist Ruby Palomino was sentenced along with Elías Montalvo by her companions. Given this, the interpreter pointed out that in the program “there are no friends” and what happened with Estrella Torres -who sent her to sentencing- made her open her eyes.

“. Although she is not my friend, I believed in her talent and supported her, so I thought that when it would be her turn to mention her sentenced to leave the program it would be fair, and not only think of a strategy to eliminate me for being the stronger, “he said for América TV.

Estrella Torres tells what she thinks about Ruby Palomino in The Artist of the Year. Photo: composition / Instagram / GV Producciones

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