Behind the scenes: a week at the heart of the editorial staff of Le Ploërmelais

It is in Cavan (Côte d’Armor) that the rotary presses of our printing works are located. This is where Le Ploërmelais is printed every Wednesday at the end of the afternoon. ©Jean-Paul Barbier

Let’s set the scene. The place is the 35 station street at Ploermel (Morbihan). The character building has housed the newspaper’s editorial staff since 1999. The actors are Jean Pierre Robino, editor, Ludivine Ageon, general secretary of the editorial staff, Amelie Loho and Ronan Houssin, journalists, Nolwen Le Gallic, commercial and Chloé Grellier, sales manager.

The play that is played here every week is a mixture of fixed and imposed appointments and current events…which thank God is different every day, every week.

The program of the week: Monday

As in most companies, it’s the recovery with the anecdotes of each other over the weekend. It is also, like every morning, the first glances at the figures of the site and the frequentation of the networks. The journalists have already programmed the first papers that have been online since 7 a.m., and it’s time to consult for the publications of the day.

Editorial meeting around Jean-Pierre Robino editor, with Mélanie Sparfel, Ronan Houssin and Wilhem Lelandais.
Jean-Pierre Robino editor, with Mélanie Sparfel, Ronan Houssin and Wilhem Lelandais. ©Le Ploërmelais

The rest of the day will stretch between meetings in the field, reception at the editorial office, writing of articles….


It’s the day of loopback. The day when the team will edit the newspaper. For this, the editorial manager opened the railroad. It is the outline of the weekly newspaper. According to different parameters, number of articles, advertising, classified ads, legal notices, game pages… We decide on the number of pages in total and then by sector.

The journalists continue writing articles, posting. It is also the day when the correspondents of the newspaper send their articles of the week. Articles reviewed and corrected by journalists.

For Nolwen, it’s time to position your advertisements in the pages according to the advertisers’ requests.

The afternoon is the starting signal. Each assembles a part of the newspaper. Permanently, the new Mélody editorial tool, which has just been put into service, allows everyone to follow the progress of the editing.


Two new actors join the editorial staff for the day. Frederique Le Mat the area director, will take stock with Nolwen and her other Morbihan salespeople, move forward on advertising projects with the publisher…

For his part, Chloé Grellier, will she look into the distribution of the newspaper. Opening of points of sale, monitoring of figures, change of equipment in shops, implementation of promotional operations, management of concerns with subscribers, etc. there is no shortage of work!

Chloé Grellier, sales manager.
Chloé Grellier, sales manager carries out her missions. ©Le Ploërmelais

The journalists, who have finished proofreading the newspaper and made the posters for the points of sale, are preparing for the editorial conference.

It is one of the key moments of the week. This is where the next newspaper will largely be prepared. For the publisher, this is the privileged moment to talk about News from the Publihebdos group to which belongs The Ploermelais, to share the latest news, to listen to journalists. For the latter, it’s time to suggest topics for articles, folders, to distribute the appointments already registered in the agenda.

In the afternoon, the pages arrived at the group’s printing press in Cavan (22) are filmed, the plates mounted on the presses. The Ploërmelais is printed in late afternoon, and these are the vehicles of the company Wan (ex Ploërmel Services Courses) who will transport them to Ploërmel on the Bois Vert website. There, the newspapers will be bundled up and during the night, they will take over the management of the points of sale throughout the territory.


Thursday. Since this morning, the newspaper is on sale. The journalists have already gone back to the field, the news never stops.


It will be the same rhythm, alternating between the field and the writing. And it has been going on for almost 140 years!

Being absent for several months, Amélie and Ludivine are replaced by Mélanie Sparfel and Wilhem Lelandais.

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