Before Nintendo Switch OLED launch, Nintendo Switch official price lowered

Lower in value was motivated by the adequacy of the exchange rate according to Nintendo

Whenever there is a new console release or even a new version of one already on the market, as is the case with Nintendo Switch and its new OLED version, attention is turned to the models that are currently in stores to see if there will be any price changes.

Well, just under a month before the release of Nintendo Switch OLED some people in Europe have started to report that the current model of Nintendo Switch it was being sold at a lower price than usual. The device had its value set at €329.99 in European countries such as France, Italy, Germany among others, and £279.99 no UK plus started to be found costing 30 euros less and 20 pounds less respectively, until the official stores of the Nintendo in Europe began to practice these values ​​officially.

At first, many people began to imagine that it would be a strategy for the arrival of the new model with OLED screen to re-organize the version with LCD screen in a new price range or even a stock-out to just start working with the Lite version and the new one, but the eurogamer investigated and discovered in an official note of the Nintendo Europe that this price change is an adjustment in product values ​​due to the current exchange rate and that the only model that will be impacted by this change will be the standard, both the Lite and the OLED will remain at the same price in Europe.

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So far there hasn’t been any official notice regarding any change in the official price of the product here, including the Lite version of the Nintendo Switch is scheduled to be released on October 1st and is already on pre-order.

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There are plans for the OLED version to officially arrive in Brazil in 2022 but no date or values ​​are yet to be released, meanwhile, the new Nintendo Switch model will be released overseas on October 8th and it will probably arrive in our country by import at the end of the year.

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