Beating in CABA: Together for Change takes more than 20 points from Kirchnerism

With 90% of the botos scrutinized, the victory of Together for Change in the main electoral bastion of the PRO is comfortable: The three lists add up to 48%.

The former governor Maria Eugenia Vidal (supported by Larreta) won comfortably, with 33%, the internal against the lists of Ricardo López Murphy (11%) and Adolfo Rubinstein (4%). Before, Vidal had prevailed in the dispute against Patricia Bullrich for leading the Buenos Aires ballot.

The Together for Change bunker on the Costa Salguero property She brought together Vidal, the economist Ricardo Ricardo López Murphy and the former Secretary of Health Adolfo Rubinstein, who arrived minutes before the results were known and shared the scene with her. Vidal spoke with the mayor of Buenos Aires Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, former president Mauricio Macri, senator Martín Lousteau and his fellow members, including the economist Martín Tetaz. The president of Pro Patricia Bullrich also took the stage.

“These votes reflect a vote for a way of governing the city,” said Vidal, shortly after 10 p.m. He then highlighted that Mauricio Macri was the one who “started that way of governing 14 years ago.” “Thank you for joining me,” he said.

According to Vidal, in these elections he felt “a thunderous ‘enough’ to the outrage”, in reference to Kirchnerism.

However, Juntos’ concern is due to “the flight of votes” from the right, due to the unprecedented percentage obtained by the libertarians led by Javier Milei (13%).

In front of everyone

Despite the fact that some polls positioned it above the result obtained, Leandro santoro he was far from Vidal and gathered almost 25% of the votes. In any case, the figure collected by Kirchnerism in the City is higher than that of the last midterm election, in 2017, where the space then called Unidad Porteña had agglutinated 20.7%.

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