BBC Gets Footage Showing Taliban Killing Civilians In Afghanistan

Afghanistan Taliban

The BBC has evidence of executions by the Taliban despite promises of restraint. Photo: BBC News Mundo / YouTube

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Communications are disrupted there, making it difficult to obtain information, but the BBC has evidence of Taliban killings despite promises of restraint.

When the Taliban came to power last month in Afghanistan, they only encountered resistance in the Panjshir Valley which has long been a point of resistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Under the command of opposition commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, the region repelled both Soviet forces and the Taliban in the 1980s and 1990s respectively.

This time, Massoud’s son Ahmad led the resistance against the Taliban when they took control of Afghanistan, but last week the militant group declared victory in the area, posting images of its fighters raising their flag.

When the Taliban entered the valley, they encouraged residents to continue as normal.

“They should go out of their daily activities,” said Malawi Taliban spokesman Abdullah Rahamani.

“If they are merchants, they can go to their stores. If they are farmers, they can go to their farms. We are here to protect them, their lives and their families ”.

But instead, there is evidence of violence and executions of civilians in the streets.

The images show once busy markets are now deserted and there are long lines of people trying to flee the area.

Resistance forces have vowed to continue fighting, and Ahmad Massoud has called for a “national uprising” against the Taliban.

The focus is now on what will happen next in Panjshir, as in other parts of Afghanistan, with the Taliban once again in command.

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