Baumgart on Czichos own goal: "See no mistake there"

After the 1: 1 outnumbered at SC Freiburg – came about through an own goal – the Cologne team did not want to let the one point be talked down. Even with Czichos’ mishap, coach Steffen Baumgart found clear words.

Encouragement for Cologne’s owner-scorer Rafael Czichos.

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How little the current 1. FC Köln has to do with that of the previous season has often been discussed since the beginning of the season. Because the season is still young, of course you don’t know how meaningful the performances, which have been quite respectable so far, really are. An opponent like SC Freiburg came at just the right time.

No Cologne player wants to let the draw talk badly

The Breisgauers conceded nine goals last season and celebrated their highest Bundesliga win at 5-0. And now? Eye level – that should be the term that correctly describes the recent meeting. And understandably the first annoyance after the final whistle that Jorge Meré tried to dampen: “A point is a point, cheer up, guys!”

The central defender came into the dressing room and explained his reaction: “It was a good game against a very good opponent. A point in the pocket is always good.” Of course, it is “a shame for us” to have conceded the late equalization, also through an own goal: “But we go back to Cologne with our heads held high.”

Midfielder Dejan Ljubicic saw it this way: “It’s a shame that we didn’t take the three points with us today. We put a lot of pressure on in the first half and could have led even higher. Freiburg didn’t have that bad football in the second half played and in the end it is a well-deserved draw. We will analyze what we did wrong after the break. That was a little bit of us then. ” Similar to his colleague Meré, the Austrian’s conclusion was ultimately positive: “We didn’t lose and that was important.”

Hector too can “live with the point”

Captain Jonas Hector also criticized the “lack of activity” after a “good first half with some chances”. But: “We can live with that point.” After four games there are seven points on the plus side: “I’m going home satisfied,” summed up coach Steffen Baumgart, who did not want to let the 1-1 draw: “We played a good game. That there are a few things, which do not always succeed is clear – that is why football is a mistake sport. ” The coach recorded Rafael Czichos’ own goal under the heading of misfortune: “I don’t see a mistake there. He tries to block the ball and it goes in. If we value this as a mistake, then I find it a bit difficult.”

I don’t see any mistake there. He tries to block the ball and it goes in above. If we take this as a mistake, then I find it a bit difficult.

Steffen Baumgart on Czichos’ own goal

He won’t dwell on it for a long time, the analysis has priority and what matters more is how Hector and then Schaub behaved in front of Weißhaupt’s flank, which Czichos then unhappily steered into the goal. That was exactly the passivity that the coach doesn’t want to see, whereby the late timing and the fact that after Kainz’s dismissal they played a quarter of an hour outnumbered certainly played a role.

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