Battlefield 2042: Despite criticism, FPS does better than BFV with double the number of players

Since the release of Battlefield 2042, this November 19, many criticisms were emitted about it, the majority were not positive. Between the optimization to review, the issues involved and weapons deemed too strong (among others), many players have been disappointed with this first experience with the last episode of the franchise, who is back after three years of absence.

Obviously, everything is not to be thrown away, especially since EA and DICE are currently working to improve the experience and ensure that the concerns raised are corrected as quickly as possible. Moreover, the developers recently spoke, to indicate that an update would be deployed this November 25 (patch notes to find here) and that another, more important, would arrive at the beginning of December. At the same time, the studio was also delighted with this success, where “ millions of players »Tried the experiment Battlefield 2042 at least once, even adding that these are ” almost twice as many at this stage as on our last outing ».

We will have to wait to have more precise figures, but with these words, No doubt that Battlefield 2042 is getting into the nails when it comes to sales expectations. It must be said that after three years of absence, a multitude of players were impatient to be able to enjoy a new game in the franchise, especially since the follow-up of Battlefield V had stopped quite quickly, in June 2020.

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