Bars in Chapultepec disregard the measure of requesting the vaccination certificate

Despite the announcement by the state authorities issued since last Monday, that as of this Friday, people over 18 years of age must be asked for a certificate or proof of vaccination to allow them to enter bars, clubs and restaurant-bars, the majority of bars in Chapultepec are not complying with the measure.

After a tour carried out by this means of communication, it was found that at least until 8:00 p.m. this Friday at least 15 bars and restaurants bars allowed access to people even without verifying that they had already been immunized, nor did they ask for proof negative PCR.

Among them, at least four indicated that the receipts were not requested because they had a restaurant license despite the fact that inside there was no distance between the tables and they were at their maximum capacity.

There were few bars that requested the vouchers, such as the one located on Chapultepec Avenue, almost at the intersection of Vallarta Avenue, where the staff even guided attendees who did not have their certificate with them so that they could download it.

Yesterday, Thursday, the mayor of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemus, reported that the Chapultepec corridor would be one of the most closely watched to ensure that the provisions that come into force on this day are complied with, since it has been identified that in areas like this there are establishments that, taking advantage of to have a restaurant license, or restaurant-bar, they allowed crowds inside.

THE INFORMER / R. Bobadilla

The operations, he stated, will begin around midnight this Friday, and those who do not comply with the measures will be warned. In case of reoffending, from next week the closures will be carried out.

“We know that there are some restaurants that actually act as bars, especially in Chapultepec-type areas, we are going to be there around midnight to demand that they request this vaccination certificate because they are not really restaurants,” said the Guadalajara mayor.

Certificate request takes them by surprise

Although the announcement of the request for proof of vaccination or negative PCR test was announced since the beginning of this week, some people were taken by surprise by the measure.

THE INFORMER / R. Bobadilla

Such was the example of Jesús Martínez, who went to a bar located on Chapultepec almost at the intersection with Vallarta Avenue in the company of at least six of his friends; however, none of them had the certificate with them, so they began to download it right there.

Only two of the young women who were in the group had it already saved on their cell phone.

“The fact that they apply this measure is fine, because, for example, in our work the people who have the two doses and became ill with COVID have not been affected as much, and those who have not done so have been hit more,” Jesús said.

Silvia and Mary are two other young women who were looking to enter one of the bars in the municipality, who also did not know that they had to download their voucher, however they agreed to download it not only to be able to enter, but to have it already saved in case they were found. order again in some other establishment.




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