Barby Silenzi got fed up with the Pole and exploded in the middle of an interview for his false promises

The couple of The academy characterized by its constant fights, crises, twists and turns … and above all by the constant scenes of jealousy that reveal, again exposed in the middle of an interview another issue that generates debate among them these days.

While Barby Silenzi y The Polish They were giving a note to Implacables and reviewing the work projects that are coming regarding the career of the tropical singer, it was the dancer who interrupted the interview to show her anger at something that has been bothering her about her boyfriend.

“How are you who fight and make friends?”, began the notary of the Nine Diego Bouvet. To which Silenzi, looking askance at his partner and giving his argument, commented: “We are like that, we don’t hide anything, nothing. No?”. For his part, the musician also presented his theory in this regard.

“Each couple is different and things happen to all of them. What happens is that they find out about us. But we are fine, we are fine ”, he closed The Polish taking advantage of the opportunity to promote his work and advanced: “God willing, in October we will already release a new album and I have a new song dedicated to my old man, and spectacular songs “.

Without even letting him finish recounting what is to come in his partner’s artistic career, Barby got into the conversation and launched: “I am going to tell you that I am going to participate in a very important video clip, also from the Polish”. “Cut me off!”, The singer shot automatically.

“I am going to say that I am going to participate in a very important video clip of the Polaca. All the time any person puts in his video and to me he tells me: I am going to put you in this video, it happens and nothing”, reproached the dancer.

Continuing with the note, Silenzi, indignant with her partner, stated: “All the time he puts anyone in his video clip and he tells me: “Nooo, I’m going to put you in this video, which is a song that I love.” It happens. Later, no, this is for your video clip to do it with you, I want to do it to you my love, and nothing “.

Trying to get out of the situation, and closing the interview, El Polaco said goodbye, justifying that it is not he who decides who to put in his videos, but the producers. For her part, Barby kept growing angry and saying to the musician, “Horrible what you say! I did not like anything!”.

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