Bake Off Argentina: 14 participants and surprises in the debut

The reality show hosted by Paula Chaves on Telefé started with the traditional greeting of its host, who welcomed the viewers “to the sweetest program” and announced: “This year, fourteen participants from different parts of the country will enter the tent more famous in the world to try to become the best amateur pastry chef ”.

Then, a small compilation of the testimonies of the contestants was shown, who will get to know each other little by little as the weeks go by. They are Kalia, 52, a painting teacher; Gianlucca, 19 years old, economics student; Carlos, 29 years old, primary school teacher; Silvina, 41 years old, accountant, housewife; Gino, 22 years old, electrical engineering student, Ximena, 20 years old, surgical instrumentation student; Gabriel, 52 years old, taxi driver; Celeste, 34 years old, graduated in tourism; Facundo, 25 years old, an industrial engineering student; Belén, 31 years old, initial level teacher; Paula, 30 years old, administrative at the University of Buenos Aires; Gisela, 31 years old, psychology student; Emiliano, 21 years old, administrative employee and Hernán, 35 years old, architect.

“Day after day they will face challenges where they will put their skill, creativity and technique into play. But, above all, they must make the most exquisite preparations to convince the most prestigious jury in the country, ”Paula announced then. And there were previews of some of the returns of Damián Betular, Pamela Villar and Dolli Irigoyen, who entered the place left by bacchante Christophe Krywonis.

Then, the moment of truth arrived with the first test of the program. However, before starting, Paula explained the new rules of the contest. And it is that, in this edition, the challenges will be daily and the one who is consecrated as the best pastry chef of each day will win five extra minutes for the competition on Sunday, in which the eliminated of the week will be defined.

“For me it is a pleasure, a privilege to be here,” said Dolli, the most feared chef, in her opening greeting. And he made it clear that he expected the participants to give “their all.” “If I catch two of you with the same recipe, it will not turn out the same. And that’s what we want, “Betular added later. “I’m going to emphasize the presentation,” Villar stressed then. But all the participants wanted to know what they should face in their debut. And the slogan, which every Monday will have to do with letting your imagination fly, was to prepare a cake that is a one-way ticket to your place in the world.

The time to meet the goal was two and a half hours. And each of the contestants got to work thinking about their vacations, their places of origin, their affections or their hobbies. Finally, it was time for the tasting. And, while the rating marked a peak of more than 19 audience points, the professionals were in charge of testing each of the preparations.

After deliberating and ensuring that the winner was between two of the pastry chefs, it was time for the definition. The first participants who had to go to the front were Ximena, Gino and Celeste, who according to the jury were the weakest of the day. And then, afterwards, Hernán, who had been rated with a “super 10”, and Silvina, who had been told that her preparation was “impeccable”, were summoned. But the timer that will give you an extra five minutes, finally, was left in the hands of the architect.

“If you are weak with the decoration, that was not noticed. We are happy that you are in this competition ”, Betular told Silvina. “I am so flattered! What an honor to be told these beautiful things to me, ”said the participant backstage. Meanwhile, Dolli was in charge of speaking to Hernán: “Absolute perfection, from flavors to texture and presentation. Your work was great ”. “I’m happy!” Exclaimed the boy from the city of La Plata upon receiving his award. (Source:

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