Bahia completed a week with less than 25 daily cases of COVID-19 on average

The Municipality reported that 32 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Bahía Blanca.

In addition, he found that 48 other people had finished recovering from the disease.

In that sense, the number of infections in the city has risen to 45,351 since the start of the pandemic.

From there, 343 cases remain active, 890 people lost their lives and the remaining 44,118 have already recovered.

The September average is 34.6 daily cases (and 0.8 deaths), while in the last week the coefficient dropped to 24.1 since there were no days with more than 32 infections.

On the other hand, according to the bed management system of the Province, the occupation in intensive care this morning was 41.46% in Bahia.

Out of a total of 82 beds, 34 remained occupied; 5 of them with positive or suspected cases of COVID-19.

Since the change in the phase system, Bahia is in the “general”, which has more activities allowed than the other current instance, called “reserve phase”, applied in case of epidemiological alarm.

To go from the general phase to the reserve phase, the city – or any other agglomerate with more than 300,000 people – must have more than 80% of the intensive care beds occupied and also a percentage variation 20% higher than the previous week in hospitalizations in intensive care.

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