Back 4 Blood exceeds maximum number of simultaneous Left 4 Dead players

Fans of the original franchise eagerly awaited the spiritual successor

Back 4 Blood was finally released, the title was developed by Turtle Rock Studios, same company that worked in Left 4 Dead e Left 4 Dead 2, and brings the same premise found in the two games developed for the Valve.

In the game, you join your team of three more people (or bots), need to go from point A to point B until they reach the security area, along the way you need to eliminate a multitude of zombies that appear across the map, in addition to several monsters that have special characteristics that will do anything to delay your life and prevent you from completing your goal.

It sounds simple, but it’s a formula that worked for the franchise. Left 4 Dead and is back in Back 4 Blood, offering a lot of fun, especially if played with friends.

The game was released on October 12th and even in a short time, the Gamerant determined based on data taken from the SteamDB, that the new game has already surpassed the maximum number of simultaneous players that the Left 4 Dead original reached in Steam.

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The first Left 4 Dead reached a maximum peak of 30,616 players a 13 years ago, while the Back 4 Blood arrived at the mark 57.883 in day October 13, one day after its release. Of course we are talking about different times, but even so it is a brand that should be considered.

Already Left 4 Dead 2, had a peak of 162.399 players to 8 years ago, a number much higher than the new game, but this value was recorded on a date when the game was free to play on the Steam.

Another factor to be considered is limited access to Left 4 Dead at its release, which was only available on the PC via Steam and no Xbox 360 (that does not enter into this count of SteamDB). Already Back 4 Blood is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 e PC, on computers the game can also be purchased at other stores, which further dilutes the player base.

But one of the points that must be taken into account here is the presence of the game in the Xbox Game Pass since its launch, allowing subscribers to the service to enjoy the game on the Xbox One, Xbox Series e PC no additional cost.

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For all intents and purposes, Back 4 Blood surpassed Left 4 Dead in the number of simultaneous players in the Steam, and if the player base continues to increase, the next objective of the game will be to surpass the second title in the series.

Did you play or are interested in playing Back 4 Blood? Participate in the comments with your opinion!

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