Azzy and Lucas Lucco prepare to release ‘Loca’

Azzy arrives strong in another feat outside of rap

This Friday (14th), Azzy se a a Lucas Lucco for the release of “Loca”, with beats by Ziko and Guiggow. Now available on the main audio platforms – listen – and with a clip on YouTube – watch it here -, the single is Otrafitta’s first with a female participation, bringing a new and important space for the voices of women artists from the trap, rap and funk scene. . The project, conceived by Lucas Lucco, OQ Produções and Eleenko Music, is based on the idea of ​​a musical laboratory, which intends to mix the talent of artists from different universes to experiment with new formats.

Azzy says that being invited to this collab was a huge satisfaction. “I was very happy because I’m always looking to expand my musicality and my musical versatility. And besides admiring Lucas a lot, I think he’s very good at all the rhythms he takes on. And we made an amazing song, I’m sure everyone will like it”, he said.

In its turn, Lucas Lucco explains that the idea of ​​calling Azzy it also emerged from the consistency of the artist’s name, which is a revelation in a scenario that is still mostly male. “We want to give more voice to female talent, because trap, rap and funk projects have a male predominance. And Otrafitta is a project that also has as one of its goals to give opportunity, even for new female artists to have a space where they feel more comfortable to create and express themselves”, she said.

Launched in October last year, Otrafitta has already featured the songs “Cabelo Rapunzel”, “Meus Planos” and “Google”, with appearances by Kawe, Kayblack, Vulgo FK, MC Pedrinho, MC Davi, MD Chefe and Dom Laike. For 2022, in addition to Azzy, names like MC Dricka, Marcela, Nog, Krawk, Kant, Nauta, MC Ryan SP are already confirmed.

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