Axel Kicillof’s entire Cabinet made his resignation available

The impact on the ruling party due to the defeat in the PASO it continues to leave important repercussions. In this case in the Buenos Aires province, where Together for Change prevailed and generated a real earthquake. So much so that the entire Governor’s Cabinet, Axel Kicillof, made his resignation available.

Who was confirmed by the Minister of Government and candidate for provincial senator, Maria Teresa Garcia. In a radio interview, the official analyzed the reasons for the defeat and assured that “there are no essentials” in the Buenos Aires government.

“It was lost because there was a warning from society. There have been multiple reasons such as the situation of SMEs, consumption, and a failure in electoral engineering ”, he reflected in the first instance Garcia. In any case, he said that “Peronism knows how to listen to the drum at the polls.”

“It is time to stop licking the wounds of defeat and stop celebrating a relative victory. Now we have to ask society how we are going to get out of this pandemic and the economic reactivation “

María Teresa Garcia, Minister of Government.

It was not reported whether Kicillof accepted the resignations.

He then recognized that “none of us is essential and we are replaceable” and that, for that reason, “we made our place available to the governor Kicillof”. What he did not confirm is whether the resignations were accepted or not.

Then, and thinking again about the reasons why the ruling party suffered a hard defeat, he considered that it was due to the “emotional transversality that the vote had.” In addition, he put the “pocket component” as a key factor.

“When a society is in crisis, we all have to bet on solving it. It is not a defeat caused only by the national question, it is not the responsibility of a single one, “García closed.

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