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The princess of pop punk Avril Lavigne is back. The Canadian singer announced on social media the name of her new album, as well as the release date. This will be the seventh studio album for the “Girlfriend” singer, and her first collaboration with the Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker.

Love sux, Avril Lavigne’s new album

The Canadian announced on social networks that it will be launched on the market next February 25, and is now available to be saved on Spotify and Apple Music. She also published the cover image of the album, where she is seen in an entirely red space, posing dressed in black, taking several balloons of the same color. In the text, he used two heart emojis, one orange and one black, as well as a skull.

The photography art direction and promotional pieces previously released suggest that this album will have punk influences,


Avril Lavigne announced the release date of Love Sux on social media. Photo: Twitter capture

Avril Lavigne’s new musical collaborations

For her first single, “Bite me,” Avril composed with renowned artists Marshmello and Omer Fedi. For the production were MODSUN, John Feldmann and Travis Barker, who also played drums for the first live performance. In addition, the album will include participations by

Lazy loaded component

Love sux songs

All the songs have been composed by her during the pandemic, which could make Love sux her most personal album.

  1. “Cannonball”
  2. “Bois lie” (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
  3. “Bite me”
  4. “Love it when you hate me” (feat. Blackbear)
  5. “Love sux”
  6. “Kiss me like the world is ending”
  7. “Avalanche”
  8. “Déjà vu”
  9. “F.U.”
  10. “All I wanted” (feat. Marck Hoppus)
  11. “Dare to love me”
  12. “Break of heartache”

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