Autoplanes: why the delivery of more than 30 thousand cars already awarded is delayed

According to national estimates and based on numerous current claims, Throughout the country there are more than 30 thousand cars 0 kilometer already awarded with long delivery delays.

The drama suffered by these more than 30 thousand people who chose this means of purchase is interspersed with a confusing scenario where now they promise their units in terms close to four months.

The indignation grows considering that it is plans in which their holders have already met all the payment requirements (number of installments and right to award) and still do not receive their vehicles, as agreed at the beginning of the operation.

The explanation of the business sector

Concessionaires and automotive companies admit the existence of a delay that far exceeds the original deadlines, but they adjudicate it to a lack of units in the terminals.

Sebastian Parra, President of the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (PROGRAM) Cordoba regional, told Radio University that “the automotive market of the kilometer has been complicated for several years”, but that “it has been complicated in recent months due to the lack of stock of units”.

According to him, the lack of stock responds to two main reasons: restrictions on the importation of auto parts, for which dollars provided by the Government are used, and the global shortage of chips, an essential component for models endowed with growing technological resources.

On average, each car is delivered between 40 and 50 days after the award. However, at the end of 2021, the deadline reaches almost four months.

Some automakers such as Renault directly announced the discontinuation of one of their models, the Kwid, and the redirection of plans to the immediately superior one, the Sandero. They ensure that such a decision also responds to the possibility of building this vehicle entirely with national elements.

In any case, the delay in the delivery of the vehicles and changes in the models to be awarded are pointed out by the victims as a constant for the autoplan modality, of which there is almost no precedent worldwide.

This year alone, it is estimated that more than 30 thousand were injured, according to a survey by the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA) published by the newspaper Clarion.

Exequiel Vergara by

Recurring situation

In dialogue with Radio University, lawyer Exequiel Vergara He stressed that autoplanes often become a trap for users.

Vergara, who legally represents several people affected by autoplanes mechanics, said “that there are a multiplicity of factors that make the entire autoplanes system very problematic.”

“This problem of delay in the units, although of course the issue of chips or the issue of the pandemic, and the Government’s restrictions on imports, may have an impact, although there are a number of issues that are external to automotive and that aggravate the problem, this already comes from before ”, he expressed.

In this context, he highlighted that It still handles cases that since 2017 have been complaining about problems with autoplanes, without yet accessing a solution.

After declaring this unit sales system “disastrous”, he said that “it is not a savings plan” but that users “lend money to automakers to manufacture.”

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