Authorities start renovation of the Torreón Green Line

State and municipal authorities of Torreón began this Friday the rehabilitation actions of the Green Line, one of the most emblematic spaces in the southeast sector of the city and that for years had been in a state of general abandonment.

It was in the afternoon of this day that the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Riquelme; the mayor of the city, Román Cepeda; as well as civil servants from both levels of government.

The authorities themselves specified that some 28.4 million pesos will be invested to rescue this public space, which will cover the renovation of green areas, children’s games and outdoor exercise equipment, a covered pool, as well as sports fields, painting and repairs. generals in trotapista and others.


In his participation, the mayor of Torreón, Román Alberto Cepeda, pointed out that “I have no doubt that the recovery of one of the most representative public spaces in Torreón is beginning, The Green Line is a project that was conceived at that time, under the management of Mayor Miguel Ángel Riquelme, who unquestionably sought restoration through the promotion of sports, culture and recreation. With an extension of five kilometers, this space benefits more than 10 neighborhoods and 80,000 inhabitants. As mayor of Torreón, I reiterate my commitment to the southeastern area of ​​Torreón, but above all the commitment that these works are not forgotten, these works are a of social commitment”.

For his part, the Governor of Coahuila, Miguel Riquelme, highlighted the agility with which they have worked in recent days with the current municipal administration of Torreón, so that they have been able to materialize not only projects for the renovation of public spaces such as the Green Line, but also in general governance and that involves issues such as public security, health and economic recovery.


“The pandemic put us in check in many of the activities, this is a space par excellence today in times of pandemic, in the open air, we are going to take it up again, we are going to organize different tournaments so that people come back to use it again, at different times, the Green Line, we are going to promote many activities that can reactivate this entire area. Something that to me, as the former mayor of Torreón (it is striking), everyone is betting on crime prevention, everyone is betting on the reconstruction of the social fabric, but the reality is that this does not translate into facts and you hardly get there to the hearts of families, nor is it with general, public activities and also making a virtuous circuit of things”, he said.

It was the head of the Infrastructure Secretariat of Coahuila, Miguel Algara, who announced that the works will start this Friday and will end in no less than 6 months, so that families can use the space as soon as possible.

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