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The draw, which began an hour late, took place while Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is expected to rule, although he has no deadline to do so, on the 34-year-old tennis player’s stay in the country.


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In addition, he acknowledged an “error of judgment” after having attended an interview with the French media L’Equipe on December 18 in Belgrade, despite knowing that he had covid-19.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrsion said today, when asked by journalists, that the decision on the tennis player’s visa rests with the Minister of Immigration and that he preferred not to comment.

In the event that the Minister of Immigration decides to cancel his visa, the player could again appeal the decision before the courts.

If another legal process is started, the Serbian tennis player, known for his criticism of mandatory vaccinations, could be deprived of liberty again or perhaps allowed to play the tournament while the trial takes place.

In any case, you will not be able to finish the championship if a court confirms a hypothetical cancellation of your visa.

If he must leave the Open when he has already played a game, the one who was to be his next opponent would go through the round without playing.

The pressure on Hawke’s shoulders is great because a delay would further disrupt the Australian Open, where Djokovic seeks to win his tenth title and establish himself as the tennis player with the most Great Slams in history (21), for in front of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

The Melbourne court ruling on Monday that allowed Djokovic’s release was a major setback for the Scott Morrison government, who staunchly defends the country’s tough immigration policy and is seeking reelection this year.

Australia is fighting a rebound in covid-19 cases, which have gone from less than 2,000 infections a day in December to almost 150,000 this week, amid shortages of products due to infections among essential workers.

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