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The young man takes care of his sick father, works the land and, of course, welcomes the precious liquid that abounds in the place.

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Between the fog is a dreamlike and disturbing story about filial love and rootlessness. “We live in a country that is exuberantly beautiful and full of wealth, with a failed state in many ways. From 30 years ago to here, the essential began to cease to be important. Public interests have been ignored and, increasingly, they have become businesses of a few, leaving many people and territories adrift”, explains Sandino.

The film was shot in the Sumapaz páramo and stars professional photographer Sebastián Pii, who has focused his career on artistic self-portraiture to demystify taboos and change the paradigms of bodily beauty.

In the film he plays a ranger who cares for the freshwater reserve and who must, despite his physical limitations, run away and adapt to a new life, leaving behind the only world he knows.

“Most of the young people in deep Colombia no longer want to work in agriculture or live in the countryside, the reward for doing so has been very poor and is still not worth it; they prefer to migrate to the cities to look for other paths and leave everything behind because in a self-conscious and still feudal country, being from rural areas has historically cost them violence, stigmatization and a lot of suffering”, explains the director.

And, to review this historical suffering, “we were interested in inventing a dialect, it is a metaphor, a symbol of resistance against the homogenization of the human race in contemporary times,” he concludes. Augusto Sandino.

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