Attack against Núñez Fariña: "I am distraught, scared and hoping that Justice can solve it"

Maximiliano Núñez Fariña, head of Health Region 1 and victim of an attack against his home last Saturday, said this morning that he remains “anguished, with fright” and that he is waiting “that the Justice can solve it so that this is not naturalized” .

“It is not an attack just for me or for my family, but for the people who want to live in a democracy. We want to live in peace. The best way to do things is by talking, agreeing, without reaching violence,” he added.

Mayor Gay and other local politicians condemned the attack

In dialogue with Panorama, by LU2, the professional said that he has real expectations that the case will be solved.

“I have expectations, I want it to be known. There is an audio that is going around, that person has a first and last name. Bahía Blanca is not a very big city to be able to search for people, I think so. Perhaps my naivety is greater than that. I think, “he said.

In the early hours of Saturday, unknown individuals attacked his home, where they planted a homemade explosive device that caused damage to the front of the property.

Official sources indicated that in principle they would have used a kind of Molotov cocktails thrown against the wall located next to the access gate to the building, where it caused an igneous source that was quickly suffocated.

“We hope that Justice will clarify the facts,” said Axel Kicillof

“I thank the guys who have put out the fire for me, from the club in front of my house. From the moment the problem arose, I open the door of the house and tell my wife to call 911, they have all made themselves available to me and Automatically the Police came, the people from the DDI, the firefighters; the expertise was made. I want it to be resolved by the work that the Police have been doing, “he mentioned.

Núñez Fariña also said that “when the first patrol car fell, the first person I called was a friend, Senator Marcelo Feliú.”

“He was in charge of communicating to both the governor, the vice-governor and the ministers, that I am fortunate that today they come to accompany me here to Bahía Blanca,” he said.

In that sense, the mayor Héctor Gay and the provincial Justice Minister, Julio Alak, will lead today two meetings with political and institutional referents at the local level.

“I am worried, but content and accompanied. It never crossed my mind that something like this could happen. We have had talks but not ‘against’, but asking please for the vaccine. We have to try to make it even for everyone That is our discussion. There have been high discussions, but never a threat, “he stressed.

At the site, pamphlets with expressions against the health pass and the restriction of circulation were found, signed by an alleged group calling itself the National Restoration Command (CRN).

“Not only me; the face is me but the list is wide. We have been working for two years and we have not stopped. The country has been infected with COVID and health agents are also infected …”, he continued.

The dentist, who was also a dentist, said that he had no news other than those that had been published in the media, “from the explosion, that there were some drums, there were the pamphlets.”

“On Saturday I went to the prosecutor’s office and made my statement,” he continued. “From then on I tried to relax a bit and explain to my children something that I never thought I was going to do. You have to work psychologically so that they understand.”

“They are angry because they see what the father does; I am upstairs every day at 6 o’clock. Beyond the family time that resigns, the behavior of my family these two years has changed. I am a reference in the face of this pandemic and I I cannot allow my children to go out when everything is closed, or to go to a party even if it is authorized, so as not to harm me. An adult can understand it, but for them it is more difficult and they have understood it, “he said.

“I sincerely appreciate the expressions of solidarity that I have received, from different sectors. I don’t even want to think about going back to old times, it cannot be that this happens in Bahía Blanca,” Núñez Fariña completed.

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