Atrocious silence: the impact of defeat in the bunker of the Frente de Todos

The defeat in yesterday’s first elections by more than ten points nationwide, including the province of Buenos Aires, it caused a tremendous impact on the Front of All.

Unlike the moments of euphoria that were experienced minutes before the first official results were released, after 9:30 p.m. yesterday the weather started to change in the Chacarita Cultural Center, where the ruling party bunker worked. At the initial distress when the first reports about the electoral beating were more and more forceful, the feelings of the Kirchnerist militancy turned towards the surprise and later to disappointment, since nobody expected a defeat of those characteristics.

The change of mind also instilled among the organizers and officials. According to accredited journalists in the bunker, at first there was a lot of activity in the press room, but then the exchange began to distance and even the flow of ministers and legislators who came to the place to dialogue with the media present stopped.

The climate in the bunker of the Frente de Todos did not improve despite the appearance of Cristina Fern√°ndez de Kirchner and the Kirchner staff.

‘Atrocious silence’. Those were the first words that those close to the Frente de Todos said to me. There was a climate of disbelief. They could not believe the results, “said journalist Diego Lewen on the channel LN+.

In that sense, he clarified that “it was sincerely a more than difficult moment” for the ruling party, and added: “I even received the information that a candidate in the City of Buenos Aires retired before the speech of Alberto Fernandez“.


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