ATE denounced that they adulterated information about the conflict in YCRT


The Rio Turbio Section of the State Workers Association came out to deny the information released by the media regarding an internal meeting of delegates in the YCRT.

Illustrative web photo.

The Association of State Workers (ATE) denied in a statement what was published by the media, making it clear that “there is NO internal meeting of sector delegates in our union organization”, so they repudiated “the actions of this medium of not corroborating with the people who really represent the union members ”.

At the same time, they highlighted that “we are currently in a Mandatory Conciliation Come in YCRT and our union “with a date for the first hearing on September 20, for which they expressed that” this type of media operation only damages the good faith of the negotiations and harms, by posing scenarios that are not those that this section accompanies, to all the colleagues of our beloved company ”.

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