At the edge of the pool Marlene Favela paralyzes the networks with her spectacular figure

Marlene favela, is a Mexican actress remembered for having starred in the telenovela Wild cat. It was precisely with this interpretation that he established himself on TV and achieved popularity in various parts of the continent. In addition, for this participation, she was cited to new audiovisual productions. A clear example of his brilliant work was his participation in the telenovela The soulless.

Thanks to the performances in various soap operas, they led her to work on the big screen. In cinema he became known when he antagonized the film in 2007 Species IV: The Awakening. Over the years in the summer of 2012 he signed exclusivity with the signal Telemundo and his trajectory with chain includes titles such as The Fox: the sword and the rose, The Del Monte heirs, The face of revenge and The Lord of the heavens.

More here in time his work side was related a couple of years ago in a special performance in the second season of For loving without law where he incarnated Monica, woman posing as Veronica to avenge his son’s death. This left his fans everywhere captivated and confirmed his spectacular talent.

Undoubtedly, this great popularity that it possesses is reflected in the social networks Since every time he makes a publication, his followers react immediately with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments that praise the beautiful figure he has as well as everything he shares about his performances in various film strips.

Marlene favela Recently said goodbye to the hit series Televisa, The soulless. However, in her official accounts she looks very good and also shows how beautiful she is at 44 years old. A few hours ago, he shared a photo on his feed that confirms the aforementioned. In it, she is seen wearing a bikini in dark tones that enhanced her figure. In addition, the Mexican actress wrote: “Because the only thing that matters is the here and now! Marvel at that moment when you appreciate that you are alive!”


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