Astros de Jalisco go back and turn off the Suns

With an offense commanded by Karim Rodríguez and Jordan Loveridge, Astros de Jalisco rallied from a deficit of 14 units and returned to victory after winning 86-77 against Soles de Mexicali in the second game of the series.


The Guadalajara team thus reached nine victories in the National Professional Basketball League (LNBP) and is one victory away from the leaders Soles, who saw their streak of seven wins in a row cut.

Soles gave the Guadalajara team a basketball chair during the first minutes and those of Mexicali They appeared to be heading quietly to victory with a comfortable 14-point lead after the first quarter of the game.

But against all odds, Astros opted to defend more compactly on their own turf and got back into the fight to win the game. The team closed more spaces, stole more balls and managed to catch Soles to go tied 40-40 after the first half.

With the match even and with both teams in search of the long-awaited victory, in the second half there was a wave of emotions.

It was even with five minutes to go that Astros took the lead for the first time in the game. The fans rose from their seats and celebrated with great joy.

Items like Karim Rodriguez and Jordan Loveridge They recorded 18 points each and were primarily responsible for Astros making the comeback at home.

Astros will now have to reaffirm their might in their next series this weekend when they face Fuerza Regia at home.



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