Astore’s first strong decision: Newell’s manager Saldaña

And while working alongside Gamboa At this juncture, Saldaña will also have to focus on rearming the squad for the next summer preseason, where there will be seen his wrist to correct the course and not fail in choosing and hiring the necessary reinforcements to give a marked quality jump.

Saldaña knows the club in all its facets. Because he was a very prominent footballer in the Bielsa champion team, but he was also a field assistant for Gustavo Raggio in the first division. Of course, now the challenge is different, since as manager he will be a kind of link between the first-rate coaching staff and President Astore.

Larry knows that from now on the successes and errors in the handling of soccer will fall on his back. And that far from finding a leading and competitive team, Newell’s it comes downhill in performance and results. There is the aggravating factor that people returned to the field and the tiredness towards the footballing present that manifested itself categorically at the polls last month needs a quick response of optimism that spreads from inside the field to the stands of the Colossus.

The age Saldana It has already started in terms of the management of professional football red and black. Larry will finish choosing his collaborators and the first function will be to be at the foot of the canyon with the technical director Fernando Gamboa in search of that the team can react in the ten remaining dates of the league.

Astore moved the first strong piece of the leprous soccer board yesterday. He put Larry Saldaña on duty as sports manager. Of course, it will not be the only move and soon it will be known what will be the organization chart from children to first that the new management will implement.

Destrato hacia Bernardi

Lucas Bernardi’s future in Newell’s soccer management seems res judicata, since the brand new manager Julio Saldaña was presented to take charge of professional soccer and his plans are not working with Lucas. But beyond that, the lack of definition on the part of president Ignacio Astore draws attention, who did not tell Bernardi what his future at the club will be. Nacho has not yet told the former captain if he has a place or not in the football structure. But beyond the innumerable tasks that the president is developing, at least out of respect for a reference of the house like Bernardi, he should communicate his determination regarding the future.


Julio Lamas spoke about teamwork

The former coach of the Argentine national basketball team Julio Lamas gave a talk on teamwork at the Newell’s indoor stadium. President Ignacio Astore and footballers Maxi Rodríguez, Nacho Scocco and Fernando Belluschi were present.

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