ASPA reports 79 pilots infected with COVID in Mexico

The Union Association of Airmen Pilots of Mexico (ASPA) announced that there are 79 pilots infected with COVID-19: 75 from Aeroméxico and four from Aeromar. Last week there were 75 infected pilots, so there are four more with this disease.

“ASPA pilots deeply regret the delays and cancellations of flights that have occurred in recent days, due in large part to the growing number of infections in crews,” the Association said in a statement.

He also highlighted that cancellations are not attributable to the group of pilots, which have yielded various contractual clauses in favor of the viability of the airlines in the face of the health contingency.

Therefore, “reducing breaks even more and increasing working hours violates the physical condition of the crew and exposes them to more risks of contagion,” the ASPA pointed out.



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