As they prepare for the Regional Amateur, Liniers and Bella Vista play for the local tournament

After the stoppage due to the legislative elections (PASO, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory Primaries), the Southern League started the week by announcing the program of matches for date 8, to be played next weekend: the four matches of A goes on Sunday and the three corresponding to the Promotional will be played on Saturday.

In the Official, the duel between Liniers and Bella Vista stands out, as a prelude to what will come in the Federal Amateur tournament, which both will animate, along with Sporting, on behalf of league football.

The clash between Albinegros and Gallegos, who are not at all satisfied with the campaigns they have been carrying out, will begin at 15.30, like the rest of the programming.

The lone leader of the contest, Huracán, visits Villa Miter in El Fortín and Olimpo (the only undefeated in the competition) -Sporting and Rosario-Tiro Federal will also collide.

In the Promotional, the avant-garde Commercial will have rest and the three escorts will try to win to jump to the top.

Two of them will be visitors: La Armonía in front of Pacífico de Cabildo and San Francisco before Libertad in Villa Rosas.

The other one that is second is Pacífico de Bahía, who will give up local status against Sansinena, who will play again in Cerri.

Officer Positions

1st) Hurricane, 18 points.

2nd) Olympus, 13.

3°) Sporting, 10.

4th) Liniers, 10.

5°) Rosario, 8.

6 °) Bella Vista, 6.

7 °) Villa Miter, 6.

8 °) Federal Shot, 4.

Positions of the “Promo”

1º) Commercial Port, 11.

2nd) La Armonía, Pacífico and San Francisco, 9

5º) Libertad y Pacífico C, 7.

7º) Sansinena, 6.

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