Arrested after criminal raid

It all started yesterday morning, around 11:00, when a man showed up at the First Police Station to give notice that a subject had Stolen in a commercial premises on Avenida Kirchner at 1000.

The policemen went to the place, where they interviewed the employee, who told them that a subject had entered the premises and showed intentions to make a purchase and, at one point, pounced on the employee violently at the bottom of the store. local and locked her in an internal courtyard of the facilities, leaving the place.

According to the victim’s statements, the subject took a sum of $ 5000 in cash, a watch and jewelry, in addition to providing physical and clothing characteristics of the suspect, as well as told the uniformed men that he had an inflamed eye, as if he had been beaten.

Once the characteristics were gathered, they notified the other dependencies and operational units for the search and delay of the subject.

According to what he could know South Time, the subject was apprehended in the early hours of the morning by the staff of the Second Police Station, who initiated a legal case for attack and resistance to the authority and that, at the time of the robbery in the business premises, the subject had recovered his freedom .


Moments later, the staff of the First Police Station was informed through the Radioelectric Command that on Avenida Eva Perón and Autovía 17 de Octubre they had delayed a subject with similar characteristics, who had collided with a Chevrolet S-10 truck.

At the same time, it was learned that a man went to verify a construction on 200 Entre Ríos street and had left his truck on, since he went down for a few minutes, but when he returned the vehicle was not, giving all the data about it.

Until the place of the arrest, the personnel of the First and Second Police Stations were present, requesting the presence of the personnel of the Criminalistics Division, so that they carry out the expertise of the case.

There it was learned that the subject in his flight would have collided with a Renault and a Volkswagen, and then –apparently- collide with the cord, losing a wheel and ending up there.

Meanwhile, the police from the First Police Station carried out a preventive examination, in which they found the money and the jewels stolen in the commercial premises.

The subject was transferred to the First Police Station, where he was identified and turned out to be 26 years old, who entered apprehended and once the legal deadlines had expired, he became detained and incommunicado by order of Justice.

It is expected that today he will be taken to give an investigatory statement.

As for the items recovered by the police, the victim recognized them as her property and they were handed over to them.

The truck lost a wheel after hitting the cordon. (Photo: JCC)

One of the vehicles crashed by the suspect. (Photo: JCC)

In the place, troops from 101 and the First and Second worked. (Photo: JCC)

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