Aristeo Cázares asks the laguneros to take risks in new projects and talks about his departure from MasterChef

“Do not be afraid to learn new things, go ahead and experiment as many times you can be good at something you did not know; you always have to learn new things,” says Aristeo Cázares in an exclusive interview with El Siglo de Torreón.

Aristeo offers such advice after having applied them when entering MasterChef Celebrity, since he did not know how to cook and thus he ventured to be part of “The most famous kitchen in Mexico”, where he did very well.

The driver and coach left the reality show last Friday after he failed to please the judges with a dish made with tarantulas.

“I feel happy about my performance. I advanced more than I thought, I entered without any expectations and as I progressed I realized that I could have been the first to leave and no, I left behind; I took flight, I learned, I disciplined myself and I progressed. “

“I don’t hold a grudge against tarantulas, I think I learned to cook them well,” said the famous via telephone.

And it is that spiders, scorpions and cockroaches were the main ingredients of the dishes that celebrities presented in the last chapter.

“I am not disgusting when it comes to food or ingredients when cooking, what I do think is that my colleagues did not like the idea of ​​cooking with insects so much; I think I had to have bitten the tarantula and not I did it because I stuck to the name of the challenge that was survival and I think that cost me the exit “.

Cázares mentioned that prior to joining MasterChef, he only knew how to prepare simple dishes such as fried eggs.

“The program has given us all a great gastronomic knowledge. Now, I am already a chef and I can cook them some delicious stuffed peppers whenever they like,” he said.

The driver explained that although he is a high-performance athlete, he does not follow a strict diet.

“I try to balance my diet, whatever I want, but I do try to balance it.”

On the other hand, Aristeo Cázares celebrated that he is part of the team of drivers of Come the joy of the weekend.

“One thing leads to another. From Exatlón I went to MasterChef and from MasterChef to Venga la Alegría, the opportunity presented itself and I took it.

“Now I am enjoying this new experience as a driver, also learning with my colleagues; I like to explore myself in different facets,” he added.

Aristeo commented that in social networks he likes, more than being a counselor, to preach with examples.

“I’m not going to tell someone, ‘exercise’, I better upload a story (on Instagram) training.”

“Children learn by watching and that has been fundamental in our history; imitation has helped us to evolve. If we replicate positive actions of more people, it will lead us towards a better future.”

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