Argentina will exceed 81 million vaccines received against the coronavirus

With the arrival of two shipments of Pfizer vaccines destined for adolescents, Argentina will exceed the 81 million doses received to feed the immunization plan against the coronavirus for the entire population.

The first of the two shipments, with 877,500 doses, arrived this Wednesday at 3:21 p.m. at Ezeiza International Airport on American Airlines flight AA973, from Miami.

The arrival of flight AA931 of the same airline is scheduled for this Thursday at 7.30, which will transport 747,630 sera from the Pfizer laboratory, bringing the total of both shipments to 1,625,130 doses.

As specified, the doses from this laboratory will be used for the population between 12 and 18 years of age throughout the country.

With these new arrivals, Argentina will reach 81,139,985 vaccines received since the beginning of the Strategic Plan for immunization against Covid-19.

Of this total, 14,183,210 correspond to Sputnik V (10,125,655 from component 1, and 4,057,555 from component 2), and 4,759,625 to Sputnik V produced in Argentina by Laboratorio Richmond (1,179,625 from the first component, and 3,580,000 of the second).

24,265,400 doses correspond to the AstraZeneca firm (580,000 from Covishield; 1,944,000 received by the COVAX mechanism, 18,989,000 from AstraZeneca and Oxford whose active ingredient was produced in Argentina; and 2,202,800 donated by Spain and 549,600 by Canada ).

Meanwhile, 30,000,000 correspond to the Sinopharm laboratory, 3,500,000 to Moderna donated by the United States, 600,000 to Cansino and 3,831,750 to Pfizer.

In turn, some 625 thousand doses of component 2 of Sputnik V will be distributed between this Thursday and Friday throughout the country, with the aim of continuing to advance in the application of complete vaccination schedules.

According to the criteria established by the sanitary portfolio based on the number of population in each district, the province of Buenos Aires will have 241,875 doses; 41,625 to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; to Catamarca 5,625; to Chaco 16,875; to Chubut 9,000; to Córdoba 51,750; to Corrientes 15,750.

Meanwhile, Entre Ríos corresponds to 19,125; Formosa 8,125; Jujuy 10,375; to La Pampa 4,750; to La Rioja 5,625; to Mendoza 27,500; to Missions 17,125; to Neuquén 9,000; to Río Negro 10,125; to Salta 19,375; to San Juan 11,250; to San Luis 6,750; to Santa Cruz 5,625; to Santa Fe 48,375; to Santiago del Estero 13,500; to Tierra del Fuego 2,250 and to Tucumán 23,625.

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