Argentina: there were 128,402 new infections and the number of deaths increased

The The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported this Thursday, January 13 that, in the last 24 hours, 139 deaths were registered, almost double yesterday, and 128,402 coronavirus infections– The third highest record in the entire pandemic. The record was recorded on Tuesday, January 11, when 134,439 cases were reported, 6,037 more than today.

Thus, the total number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic amounts to 6,793,119 and there are 117,808 victims. From yesterday to today 198,532 tests were carried out. As a result, the registered positivity rate is 64.67%, six times more than the WHO advises.

On the other hand, Of the total deaths reported today, 76 are men and 63 women. The provinces that reported the most deaths were Buenos Aires with 37, Córdoba 26 and Salta with 17 deaths, respectively. As a consequence of the increase in cases, there has been an upturn in the number of deceased persons. The last time a number higher than today was registered (139), was on September 17 of last year, when 185 dead citizens were reported.

According to the epidemiological part, at the moment, in Argentina there are 2,406 people with coronavirus admitted to intensive care. They are 200 more than yesterday, Wednesday 12.

For the rest of the country, the numbers were as follows: Catamarca 1,021 infections, Chaco 2,988, Chubut 1,291, Corrientes 610, Entre Ríos 3,039, Formosa 1,415, Jujuy 2,866, La Pampa 1,180, La Rioja 226, Mendoza 4,346, Misiones 301, Neuquén 1,495, Río Negro 1,027, Salta 3,872, San Juan 1,657, San Luis 2,605, Santa Cruz 1,249, Santiago del Estero 2,218, Tierra del Fuego 452 and Tucumán 5,159.

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