Argentina registered almost double the daily deaths from Covid in the last 24 hours

According to the new data, the total People infected with Covid in Argentina since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 6,793,119 and the total number of deaths, to 117,808.

On the other hand, with regard to the amount of coronavirus patients admitted to intensive care units across the country, it was reported that there are 2,406, so the number continues to increase.

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Cases and deaths from Covid in Argentina by province

According to the report of the Ministry of Health, in relation to the deceased, the province of Buenos Aires reported 37, CABA 11, Chaco 1, Córdoba 26, Entre Ríos 3, Jujuy 3, La Pampa 2, Mendoza 6, Neuquén 12, Río Negro 3, Salta 17, San Luis 3, Santa Cruz 1, Santa Fe 3, Santiago del Estero 1, Tierra del Fuego 4 and Tucumán 6.

Regarding the contagions, the province of Buenos Aires reported 49,908, CABA 12,656, Catamarca 1,021, Chaco 2,988, Chubut 1,291, Corrientes 610, Córdoba 15,508, Entre Ríos 3,039, Formosa 1,415, Jujuy 2,866, La Pampa 1,180, La Rioja 226, Mendoza 4,346, Misiones 301, Neuquén 1,495, Río Negro 1,027, Salta 3,872, San Juan 1,657, San Luis 2,605, Santa Cruz 1,249, Santa Fe 11,313, Santiago del Estero 2,218, Tierra del Fuego 452 and Tucumán 5,159.

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