Argentina had to leave urgently to import energy from Brazil

From the Secretary of Energy of the Nation confirmed that this Friday, minutes before 13, Argentina had to go out urgently import electricity from Brazil, due to the high demand generated from the heat wave throughout the country.

The exchange system, which at the beginning was approximately 490 MW, is planned to compensate for shortages and was activated when the demand for electricity reached a new record in Argentina.

From the portfolio that leads Dario Martinez, explained that “the exchange system does not imply a payment to Brazil for the energy consumed, but that both countries compensate the loans that are requested after resorting to the generation capacity of the other.” In other words, when demand drops in the country, what is consumed is returned.

Darío Martínez, Secretary of Energy of the Nation.

They explain that, at 2:10 p.m., the data for cammesa showed that the electricity demand at Argentine Interconnection System (SADI) reached 28,132 MW, a new historical record, as explained Infobae. The previous record was on Thursday, January 13, when at 3:14 p.m. a peak of 27,550 MW had been reached.

In the framework of a heat wave with historical records in the country, 41,468 users of companies Edesur and Edenor they met at 2:00 p.m. no power supply in different neighborhoods of the CABA and localities of the Buenos Aires suburbs, although in the north there was a fall this morning that affected 150 thousand clients.


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